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Circle Crochet Scarf

I have been FAR too busy with a lot of personal things lately, and unfortunately this blog was neglected but I am back, working on gifts for the holiday season and ready to get sharing patterns again for all of you who have stuck around so faithfully!

The first one I want to bring back was one that I actually wasn’t even sure I wanted to try, but once I got working on the pattern I not only fell in love with working the pattern but also with how it was coming out! The result was a BEAUTIFUL and unique scarf.


This pattern isn’t one I would suggest necessarily for beginners, but for those that have mastered all the basic scarves this is a great next/intermediate step. This pattern can be found, thanks to Michelle Gibbs as a free download on Ravelry HERE. This is a pattern based on the Catherine’s Diamond pattern found in Donna Kooler’s Encyclopedia of Crochet.

I can’t wait to get a response from my friend when she opens her gift in the mail to find this scarf in the package! Hopefully I will have follow up pictures to post in the near future. Has anyone else tried t his pattern? Please share your pictures either by emailing them to contactus@lovinglyhooked.com or sharing them on our Facebook page HERE.


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St. Patricks Day Hat

Well this is the weekend – St Patricks Day! A weekend of all things green, shamrock and leprechauns! This is also a fun weekend to work on a few St Pattys related projects. I already shared my fun little clover bookmark, but another that I enjoyed making was this St Patricks Day hat for my husband:

2014-01-07 23.44.57

This hat was a great pattern to follow and can be found on the Warm Fuzzy Boutique Etsy store HERE. The sizes of the pattern range from Newborn right up to adult. You don’t need a ton of yarn so its also a great stash buster!

So if you’re looking for something to wear to get into the St Patricks Day spirit whip up this little number and rock it to all your favourite St Pattys Day events (Plus it will keep you warm in this cold snap that just doesn’t seem to want to leave us)! Enjoy!



Butterfly Scarf

I was recently going through a few blogs when I came across a picture of a beautiful butterfly embellished scarf. I had a friend I was actively searching for a gift for and it was TOO perfect so I just had to try it…


This pattern was extremely easy to follow and would be a great step into a more challenging design for someone who has maybe been making scarves already but wants to try something a little more challenging. The butterflies themselves were much simpler than I thought they would be when I was first looking at the picture.

I found the pattern on the Make My Day Creative blog HERE.

The original was in a much lighter colour tone with the white but I decided to go more for a darker mix of colours and it turned out equally as beautiful! I don’t think there is a colour palate that would look ‘wrong’ with this beautiful pattern! Great gift – Maybe even a chance for some of you keeners to start getting your Christmas gifts out of the way (no I haven’t started mine, but I keep saying I’ll start earlier one of these years…).


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Friendship Scarf

One thing I have been blessed to be involved with on Ravelry is a group geared towards swaps. There are a lot of different groups available on there depending on your interests/location/etc and in looking through and trying a few on for size I found one that I am enjoying being a part of! Recently we did a pretty fun swap where we actually worked together with our swap partner in making a project. My partner Carolyn and I ended up creating this beautiful infinity scarf (and a second for her as well).

2014-02-11 19.04.01


We used, but slightly modified a pattern that can be found on the blog Hookers Don’t Bite HERE. The modification came in the fact that we only did one of each pattern, rather than 2 of the ribbed strands. For this reason it is obviously not braided. The colours were chosen following in the ‘friend scarf’ theme – a colour I love and a colour Carolyn loved that went well together. We each completed one piece, mailing our piece off to our partner. We then put that together with a piece completed ourselves for a beautiful finished project. To put them together I simply linked them up when sewing as seen here:

2014-02-11 19.04.32

This would be a fun project to take on for anyone who has good friends or family members who share their love of crochet! Its always fun to create something together! This project is also fairly simple (with a few more challenging stitches, but they are well explained) and would be a great project for a newer crocheter to push themselves a little.

So partner up, pick out your favourite colours and share your finished scarves with us on our Facebook Page HERE. There is still enough cold weather to get some use out of a new scarf before spring shows up according to my local weatherman!



Happy Endings – Volume One

One thing I’ve wanted to do for awhile is to showcase pictures of all the awesome crochet projects I, as well as my followers on here, have sent out to the loved ones in their families. For this reason I am going to start a new collection of posts. On the last day of the month every month I am going to share ‘Happy Endings’, a post containing a couple, or more, pictures of people loving on their crochet items – whether they are gifts, or loving on them ourselves!

This month just has a few projects that I have made, but I would love to include your pictures moving forward as well! To be included in the Happy Endings posts please email your pictures to happyendings@lovinglyhooked.com and I will start showcasing some of your favourites here each month!

This month’s Happy Endings:

My adorable niece rocking her Teddy Bear Cowl. This is one of the 4 I had made as Christmas and Birthday gifts in 2013. Loved this pattern, the best part being for kids (like this niece) who won’t leave their hats on in the cold weather, its a little harder now to pull it off!


Keeping with the Christmas gifts and children theme, my nephew rocking his cowboy set. He’s a little cowboy at heart and needed his own cowboy boots and hat in my opinion!


On a different note, I had done something recently I haven’t done in a long time – crocheted for myself! I shared earlier this month a hat, scarf and fingerless mitten set that I made to wear at the Ice Wine Festival in Niagara, ON. Here are my husband and I huddled up by the fire at one of the wineries we visited, trying to stay warm in the winter chill, rocking my new set!


There is something overly comforting and fulfilling about seeing your projects put to use! So please remember to share some of your favourites (with a brief write up if you wish) in time for our next volume of Happy Endings at the end of February!

Also remember that you can always share your finished projects, WIPs and crochet questions over on our Facebook page! If you aren’t already following us please come join the fun HERE.

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Women’s Cold Weather Set

Every year my husband and I meet up with another couple for the Ice Wine Festival in Niagara, Ontario, Canada. Its a huge event, largely outdoor, in the cold Canadian winter. This year we’ve been seeing record breaking lows left, right and center so I decided I needed to make myself something to help keep warm while there!

2014-01-18 17.41.38

I had purchased a ball of Homespun almost a year ago in a colour scheme I loved with the intention of making myself something, however had never gotten around to doing so. Deciding I needed this warm set made for the perfect opportunity to pull it out and finally make use of it! I used 3 different patterns for the different parts of this set.

The hat was a pattern straight from the Lion Brand website HERE. Although sometimes Lion Brand can be hard to work with as it is a bit harder to see the stitches, the hat was pretty easy as far as the pattern. The finished product fit super comfortably and is very warm! (I may or may not have been wearing it around the house a bit for fun already).

The infinity scarf was a beginner friendly pattern from the Domestic Bliss Squared blog HERE. Due to the fact the Homespun isn’t as bulky as the yarn the pattern calls for I had to do a little over double the original chain and an extra 3 rows so that it would come out the right size.

Finally to round off the full set I needed to consider my hands. I have a cute little pair of touchscreen friendly gloves that would allow me to continue taking pictures with my phone, but the gloves are very thin and not overly warm. I decided the best way to handle that was to make some fingerless gloves that can go overtop of them. I found these fingerless gloves on Dearest Debi HERE. Although a little more complicated then the hat and scarf, they too are something that are fairly easy for a newer crocheter as long as you are comfortable reading patterns and have a grasp of the stitches it includes.

Overall I am SUPER pleased with the way that this all came together! I highly recommend this for anyone that would like to spoil themselves a little 😉 Enjoy!


Crochet Dog Hats

Every now and then I like to give in and make a project that maybe may not be the most practical or useful, but might just be fun and this is one of those. I came across the pattern on Etsy by fluke and immediately fell in love with it! We dress our pups up for various holidays to take pictures, and I decided this would make for a perfect winter photo.


These dog hats were very simple to make and look absolutely adorable on our pups when finished. The pattern can be purchased from the Etsy store …By Jessie HERE. The only thing I wish it included (because friends are now asking me to make these) are various different sizes as the pattern only includes the large dog version, but I’m sure that I can make the necessary changes and figure that out easily enough.

Highly recommend this for newer crocheters as it is a fun pattern that’s fairly easy to follow and works up quite quickly. Something to bring a smile to your face as you finish it 🙂