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Loop Baby Toy

Many of my posts over the next little while will be child or baby related, largely because that’s something I am working on ALL the time! My life has been blessed with plenty of little feet with friends and family expecting new additions this year! One of the things I have been searching for is a simple little toy that I can make to add as the finishing touch to any gift I happen to be working on, and that’s when I stumbled across this.


The Loop Baby Toy can be worked just as yarn/stuffing as a softy toy, or to make it a little more fun you can add a rattle into the main ring, which I had done with this one. Its totally beginner friendly, one of the best beginner patterns I have shared to date, and doesn’t take all too much time.

The pattern can be found on Herbst Handmade, a fun crafting blog, HERE. With the ability to customize it with colours for any gift its the perfect addition! I can’t wait to see all of your versions of this project! Happy Hooking!


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Happy Endings – Volume Two

Second edition of this post, and I have been looking forward to ever since posting the last one! There is little in the world as satisfying to a crafter then seeing their creations loved and cared for!

For those that missed my first Happy Endings post, these are posts on the last day of the month every month where I am going to share ‘Happy Endings’. This is a post containing a couple, or more, pictures of people loving on their crochet items – whether they are gifts, or loving on them ourselves! The first and this post both feature photos of items I have made, but to have your items featured in upcoming posts email your pictures to contactus@lovinglyhooked.com

February’s Happy Endings:

This adorable little panda is my newest niece. I was late getting the photo set sent out so I wasn’t sure if it would still fit  her for a picture, but this little beauty fit in it enough to show off her adorable smile infront of the camera for her mom!


Does everyone remember my first crochet gift for my husband? For Christmas I took the time to make him a pair of men’s loafer style slippers that have definitely been getting their use in our house! We live in an older, drafty farm house so they find their way onto his feet to keep warm in this winter weather daily!


Last, but certainly not least, is another one of my adorable nieces. She has a serious horse and unicorn obsession so I crocheted up a stuffed unicorn that she could snuggle and sleep with (unlike the hard plastic toys she has been attempting to do so with). This genuine smile totally made my day!


I love these posts and am already looking forward to the Happy Endings post for March! Don’t forget to share your pictures with us by emailing them to contactus@lovinglyhooked.com

Also remember that you can always share your finished projects, WIPs and crochet questions over on our Facebook page! If you aren’t already following us please come join the fun HERE.

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Stuffed Unicorn

A story from my brother about my niece’s desire to sleep at night with a hard plastic toy horse was enough to send me running to my computer in search of a pattern for something cuddly for her nighttime routine. Another story about her belief that her parents can buy her a unicorn at the horse auctions tipped the scale on which pattern would be just perfect, and this adorable little unicorn was the result.



This adorable pattern can be found in the Fiber Doodles Ravelry store HERE. This is a designer I have blogged about previously when I shared the post Pretty Puppy HERE about a stuffed puppy dog that I had made for another one of my nieces. These patterns are fairly quick to work up and pretty simple to follow. Although not for a total beginner, they are a great step for those that are comfortable reading a pattern and wanting to take the next step from the scarves and hats they’ve accomplished thus far!

I am looking forward to trying some more of her patterns, and also looking forward to seeing a picture of my niece loving up on this unicorn! I have since had the report come back that when they leave she even asks her parents if they remembered to put her unicorn in the truck because ‘it makes her happy’ haha!



Stuffed Snowman

We’re reaching the end of the winter now, but this little guy can stick around with your kids all summer long without fear of melting! Found this pattern when attempting to find the perfect addition to a swap gift for my partner’s children.


While making this I did use the safety eyes, which I purchased on Etsy. There are a TON of sellers on there with great products! Besides that I picked up a fun, sparkly holiday specific yarn (Bernat Handicrafter Holidays Sparkle) but any worsted weight yarn would work. The pattern can be purchased through Melissa Trenado’s Ravelry Store HERE.

This works up into a good sized loveable stuffed animal for kids to play with, or into a great decoration for around the house in the Winter season! The pattern is super easy to follow and great for the more inexperienced crocheters to branch out into making stuffed animals! Enjoy!

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Pretty Puppy

This post isn’t a new pattern, I will admit… but a fun change of colour from a pattern already shared in a previous blog HERE

My niece is celebrating her 1st birthday next month and I wanted badly to take the time to make her a little something special from her Aunt. She absolutely LOVES her stuffed animals (I have already brought her a couple store bought ones over the last year) so it seemed like the perfect gift! Mix in some pink and you’ve got the best little gift in puppy form!

All the yarn that I used for this project was Red Heart Soft Touch, which I am starting to love more and more for my projects!

Image ImageImage

Now onto some Christmas gifts and projects! I have already selected some great (and FREE) patterns that I am going to give a try. Stay posted!

Happy Hooking!

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My Love for Stuffed Animals – And a Pattern Designer Recommendation!

One of my absolute favourite things to crochet is stuffed animals. I love them, the kids I make them for love them…. I mean really who DOESN’T love an adorable teddy bear or kitty cat? First I have to explain the greatest thing to happen to my crochet addiction since I started online – Ravelry! I am not sure how I ever survived before this discovery!

Through Ravelry I have discovered a love of a specific pattern designer and Etsy store – FiberDoodles by K4TT! You can see even more of the awesome patterns on the FiberDoodles Blog! The stuffed animals that they have on here are ADORABLE! I have only compeleted one of their patterns so far, the KISS Series Puppy, but I have actually done it to the pattern for a friend’s daughter for Christmas, as well as modified it for a swap gift in a crochet swap I took part in (with a Canada theme). I should note I have no connection or affiliation to FiberDoodles except that of being a happy customer 🙂

Image Image

All in all I just wanted to share this AWESOME designer with my fellow crochet lovers out there! Now to run off and figure out which of their patterns I want to tackle next!

Happy Hooking!