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Textured Hooded Cowl

With the insanely warm weather we are experiencing, it seems almost silly to be sharing this pattern, but I loved it so much I couldn’t keep it to myself! It is a great gift idea if you are on the search for something to work up before the upcoming holiday season.

image_medium2ha¬†While on a roadtrip with a good friend we decided to stop at a couple craft stores because we are both big crafting types. We obviously couldn’t stop at a craft store and NOT get something, so I ended up picking up this super soft teal yarn with the intention of taking the time to make something for myself for a change. After waivering on what exactly to make I decided this beautiful cowl would look stunning with any coat or outfit I would choose this winter.

While I wouldn’t classify it as a beginner pattern per say, its definitely an easier pattern for someone that is looking to branch out a bit into new projects and challenges. As with many of the patterns I share on here, this can be found on Ravelry. It is for sale in Two Brothers Blankets’ Ravelry store HERE.

I’m sure that changing up the type of fibre, or even including some variegated yarns, could make for a great spin on this pattern. It is a warm and comfortable cowl, now I just need to work up some matching fingerless gloves or something similar to finish the set!



Snowman Christmas Ornament

To celebrate the fact that its almost Christmas I want to share one more Christmas Ornament! This is a snowman cover for your basic glass bulb using crochet cotton.



This adorable little guy is perfect for any tree! Change up the colour of his hat, scarf and mittens with your recipient in mind (mine was for a little girl who LOVED purple). The gift in his hands was purchased as part of a pack of mini ornaments at the local dollar store, his eyes are just glued on googly eyes, his nose a pompom and his mouth is embroidered. To add a little more of the snow effect I used a clear plastic bulb, the kind you can purchase at craft stores to fill, and into it I put a layer of fake snow so that when the snowman hangs it can be seen in the bottom.

The pattern for this adorable guy can be found on the Sugar Toe Babies Etsy page HERE (and also includes a Mrs. Snowman!).

Enjoy! Hope you and your family are having a great Christmas Eve!