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ABC Baby Blanket

For those that have followed my blog for any length of time, you know that I have a love of making baby blankets for my friends/family when they are expecting. As much fun as hats, mittens, booties, sweaters, toys, etc are, I always come back to my love of baby blankets. When I found out that a goof friend of mine from University was expecting, this was no different.

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While the actual stitches are relatively simple with this pattern, the following of a chart to work the letters is a skill that challenges many people who try patterns like this. One of the best hints I have is to print out a copy of the actual chart so that you can mark off the stitches and rows as you complete them, to avoid getting lost.

The pattern can be found HERE on the Crochet N More website. I personally worked it with normal acrylic, worsted weight yarn, but the weight of the yarn can be easily made to work by simply changing the hook size that you are working with. The response to this blanket was amazing. The finished product is stunning and looks super impressive to anyone that sees it!

Happy Hooking!


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Loop Baby Toy

Many of my posts over the next little while will be child or baby related, largely because that’s something I am working on ALL the time! My life has been blessed with plenty of little feet with friends and family expecting new additions this year! One of the things I have been searching for is a simple little toy that I can make to add as the finishing touch to any gift I happen to be working on, and that’s when I stumbled across this.


The Loop Baby Toy can be worked just as yarn/stuffing as a softy toy, or to make it a little more fun you can add a rattle into the main ring, which I had done with this one. Its totally beginner friendly, one of the best beginner patterns I have shared to date, and doesn’t take all too much time.

The pattern can be found on Herbst Handmade, a fun crafting blog, HERE. With the ability to customize it with colours for any gift its the perfect addition! I can’t wait to see all of your versions of this project! Happy Hooking!

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Newborn Earflap Hat with Flower

This past year has been a crazy one filled with new adventures, life changes and one solid and unchanging thing – my crocheting! I have been working on some fun gifts for various friends and family members and this post is sharing one of the easier newborn gifts, an earflap hat that I have grown to love!


This pattern can be worked in any colour combination for both the new little boys and girls coming into your life. To add to the flair of the hat, there is also a fun, and fairly simple, flower pattern to add to the hat as well. This uses basic worsted weight yarn, so you can obtain it pretty much anywhere (Michaels, Walmart, etc). It makes for a great addition to any shower gift.

The pattern is available for free on Ravelry HERE. If there is anyone reading this that hasn’t already signed up for Ravelry, run now and do it! The website is an amazing resource for crocheters everywhere – Filled with great patterns, information about various yarns and fibres, and groups where you can connect with other crafters around the world!

This particular hat is currently travel bound, in the mail, to good friends of my husband and I to celebrate the arrival of their newest little one. Hopefully I will have pictures to follow of it being put to good use!

If anyone out there gives the pattern a try, don’t forget to share your finished pictures on our Facebook page!


Newborn Anchor Hat

A good friend of mine is expecting, and I am beyond excited for her! She advised that she had found cute little newborn diapers for her photo shoot after he’s born, and just needed a hat to complete the look. So I set out on my task to make it happen.

2014-04-17 07.59.08


I couldn’t find a pattern that quite fit the look I was going for, so I set out to make one happen by putting a few different things together. First the hat – I decided a simple newborn hat would work, and just changed colours every 2 rows to give the stripe look. My favourite go to pattern for basic newborn hats can be found on Ravelry HERE by Athena de la Rosa Designs. This is a free download, and a great starting point for people who are starting to make newborn outfits.

I then created the applique using Aunt Lydia’s cotton thread and a pattern I purchased HERE from GoldenLucyCrafts on Etsy. This is a REALLY well written pattern and super easy to follow!

I was so happy with the final outcome – it fit my vision perfectly! Now just to be patient for the little one’s arrival so I can see it in use!



Newborn & Baby Rabbit Outfit

Easter is almost here, getting so close now! Time for chocolate, chicks, eggs and bunnies. Although I wouldn’t necessarily say its my ‘favourite holiday’ but it is definitely one that I enjoy, especially with my growing family unit of nieces and nephews to celebrate it with! This year as part of my ‘Easter prep’ I made an outfit for my youngest niece’s adorable easter photos.



This pattern was super easy to follow, and would be a great first photo prop for someone that would like to try their hand at making outfits for newborns. It comes both in Newborn and 3-6 month sizes, the later being the size I worked. It can be found in the Calleigh’s Clips Etsy store HERE. The pattern is designed to be worked  in bulky yarn, although with the absence of that when I felt like tackling it I used 2 strands of worsted weight yarn worked together. Rather than the usual diaper cover it is a cape style photo prop and is absolutely adorable!

There is still some time to get your photos done before Easter, and with this being a project that’s worked up super quickly if you get on it now you can add your own personal touch to those photos! Enjoy!

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Newborn Cow Hat

I love being able to give handmade gifts that have that ‘personal touch’ for friends and family. I was recently working on a baby shower gift for a couple who are cattle farmers, and have an incredible dedication to their farm life and the cattle they raise. I wanted to throw something small in with the gift and decided a cute little hat for newborn photos that would touch on their passion would be the perfect touch!



This little hat was an amazingly easy pattern to follow, using just basic worsted weight yarn and a few buttons to get the right look. You can find the pattern in the Simply2Irresistable Etsy store HERE. Its super easy to follow, and also comes with the option of adding horns! The pattern covers sizes from Newborn to Adult, so plenty of options!

Now I’m just eagerly waiting to see a picture of the new baby modelling it! Does anyone else love experimenting with the different hats for babies like this one? If so, please share your pictures over on our Facebook page HERE!

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Happy Endings – Volume Two

Second edition of this post, and I have been looking forward to ever since posting the last one! There is little in the world as satisfying to a crafter then seeing their creations loved and cared for!

For those that missed my first Happy Endings post, these are posts on the last day of the month every month where I am going to share ‘Happy Endings’. This is a post containing a couple, or more, pictures of people loving on their crochet items – whether they are gifts, or loving on them ourselves! The first and this post both feature photos of items I have made, but to have your items featured in upcoming posts email your pictures to contactus@lovinglyhooked.com

February’s Happy Endings:

This adorable little panda is my newest niece. I was late getting the photo set sent out so I wasn’t sure if it would still fit  her for a picture, but this little beauty fit in it enough to show off her adorable smile infront of the camera for her mom!


Does everyone remember my first crochet gift for my husband? For Christmas I took the time to make him a pair of men’s loafer style slippers that have definitely been getting their use in our house! We live in an older, drafty farm house so they find their way onto his feet to keep warm in this winter weather daily!


Last, but certainly not least, is another one of my adorable nieces. She has a serious horse and unicorn obsession so I crocheted up a stuffed unicorn that she could snuggle and sleep with (unlike the hard plastic toys she has been attempting to do so with). This genuine smile totally made my day!


I love these posts and am already looking forward to the Happy Endings post for March! Don’t forget to share your pictures with us by emailing them to contactus@lovinglyhooked.com

Also remember that you can always share your finished projects, WIPs and crochet questions over on our Facebook page! If you aren’t already following us please come join the fun HERE.