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ABC Baby Blanket

For those that have followed my blog for any length of time, you know that I have a love of making baby blankets for my friends/family when they are expecting. As much fun as hats, mittens, booties, sweaters, toys, etc are, I always come back to my love of baby blankets. When I found out that a goof friend of mine from University was expecting, this was no different.

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While the actual stitches are relatively simple with this pattern, the following of a chart to work the letters is a skill that challenges many people who try patterns like this. One of the best hints I have is to print out a copy of the actual chart so that you can mark off the stitches and rows as you complete them, to avoid getting lost.

The pattern can be found HERE on the Crochet N More website. I personally worked it with normal acrylic, worsted weight yarn, but the weight of the yarn can be easily made to work by simply changing the hook size that you are working with. The response to this blanket was amazing. The finished product is stunning and looks super impressive to anyone that sees it!

Happy Hooking!



Chevron Baby Blanket

When I found a good friend of mine was having a baby I KNEW I wanted to make a baby blanket. When I found out it was a boy, well then I went on the search for an idea that wasn’t too ‘girly’. My friend has a love of chevron, so I opted to go with a traditional crocheting look, with a bit of a twist:

2014-05-11 12.16.51


I never was a huge fan of the way that chevron blankets were usually finished off with the zig zag edge to them, but thanks to the pattern I found on the Eat, Knit & DIY blog HERE I now had instructions on how to fill in the ends to make it a regular rectangular blanket. This is a great pattern for a crocheter looking to attempt their first baby blanket as the pattern itself is very simple and repetitive compared to many that we see. I highly suggest that every crocheter needs to make a chevron blanket, lap blanket, baby blanket or some variation on this pattern at some point in their crocheting life!

The colours were an easy choice after getting a glimpse of his nursery, and off I went. The result was a simple but fun blanket which is going to fit in too perfectly! I have shown her a picture already, but was still beyond estatic as I dropped it off at the post office to make its trip to her in the US!

Have you made any gifts lately that you just couldn’t wait to send? Please share your photos and stories either as a comment here on our our Facebook page HERE.


Plaid Baby Blanket

One of my favourite reasons to crochet is the exciting news that a friend or family member is expecting a new little baby. Whether its booties, little hats or blankets – baby crochet projects are so fun because you can’t help but think about the end result being put to use.

Recently I was preparing for a baby shower and coming up with ‘that perfect gift’ when I decided it was a great time to try a tartan style pattern, something I had debated trying many times. The result?



This is a style of doing blankets that you can find on many blogs and sites as far as a pattern goes. I followed the pattern on the Odd Crochet Patterns blog which can be found HERE. This isn’t a beginner technique as it does require that you do have some control over your tension while working or else it will bunch up and not lay flat. It isn’t an overly advanced technique though, definitely something I recommend giving a try!

I love the end result. It made for a beautiful blanket! Enjoy!

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Doily Style Baby Blanket

When my best friend was pregnant with my niece I knew I had to not only make a baby blanket for her baby shower, but I wanted it to be something different then anything else she would get and extra special. I searched baby blankets online for days before stumbling across this pattern on Ravelry.


This is a fairly easy pattern for anyone that is comfortable reading and following patterns. It is one of the free Red Heart patterns that you can find on their website HERE.

This blanket makes a GREAT gift at a baby shower! I guarantee you’ll get a lot of compliments about its uniqueness and how delicate it looks. Enjoy, and share your finished projects, both this pattern and any other that you have been working on, over on our Facebook page HERE.


Delicate Baby Girl Baby Blanket

One thing that is constant at my age (late 20s) is the amount of friends and family getting pregnant and starting families… I feel like I am constantly on the search for new patterns for baby blankets! Its a tradition I started, a baby blanket for the baby shower of each family member and close friend that is expecting, but sometimes its not an easy tradition to keep up with! 

One of these showers happens to be later this month, and last night I just finished the baby blanket ready to be wrapped up to accompany for the road trip north. 



This blanket was actually a very simple pattern, no tricks or difficult stitches tied in, just time conducive, so it would be great for someone that is maybe looking to branch out a little and try a baby blanket for the first time! The pattern can be found on the Red Heart website HERE!

Happy Hooking!