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Life of a Crochet Addict



My name is Britt. I am a 27 year old wife and mother to 4 fur babies; 2 dogs – Daviana and Indiana and 2 cats – Pippen and Jinx. I married my best friend September 22, 2012, and spent our first wedding anniversary climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for charity.

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I have many varying hobbies including, first and foremost, crocheting! When I’m not crocheting I can be found playing saxophone, at the gym, hiking with our pups and camping. My other loves include hot tea, country music, chocolate and cheesy comedies. I went to school for Music Performance, played for a few years with a military band and now play when I can with some local groups.

As a child my grandmother and my mother taught me to knit, crochet and cross stitch. I quit doing all of the above for  years, but picked crocheting back up and relearned while in University. My favourite projects include stuffed animals and baby blankets for all my friends and family who have been announcing their growing families as of late. I have recently started looking at a few simple knitting patterns and tutorials again.


You can also find me on Ravelry as BrittMK0922

If you would like to ask me a question you can email me at brittk@lovinglyhooked.com or using the Contact Page.

Follow me on Twitter – @lovinglyhooked

I love hearing from my visitors, so don’t be shy!


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