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Granny Square Challenge – Square #3 – Friend Family Square

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Alright, it has been a little while since we posted the last update to the Granny Square Challenge but we are up and rolling again! Funny how life and tech issues both have a way of interrupting work on things like the blog world….

A quick recap for those that haven’t yet heard about the Granny Square Challenge: Every couple weeks I am introducing a new square pattern. These squares are not my original designs, but rather squares that I have found made by other designers. The final project will be a fun granny square throw full of assorted squares. Those participating have chosen and shared their colours,  mastered square # 1 – the solid granny square and shared their skills with square # 2 – the Heart Square.

2014-06-10 00.06.33

Square # 3 is a great little 6″ square that has so many options for personalization. The pattern can be found on the Christal’s Crochet blog HERE. You will need to do 4 of these squares using whatever creative spin you like to give it your own personal touch as long as at the end they are still 6″ squares. While doing mine I attempted to show you a few different variations to give you ideas, with examples showing anywhere from 1-3 colours and also doing half with the original ‘front side’ of the first 2 rows, and the other half with it reversed just to show you can even work the other side for a different look.

For those just coming across our challenge now its still not too late to join in! Follow the links below to the first couple posts, and get yourself caught up before square #4 is announced! Share your squares on the FB Event page HERE, our normal Lovingly Hooked FB page HERE or email them to me at contactus@lovinglyhooked.com to have them shared. I am planning on doing a post in the near future just to showcase the squares that have been shared up until this point.

Square # 1 – The Solid Granny Square

Square # 2 – The Heart Square

Can’t wait to see everyone’s completed squares from this one!


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