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Granny Square Challenge – Square #1 – Solid Granny Square


I have been pretty slow on blogging lately – between busy work hours, a cold bug that didn’t want to leave our house and some personal things being thrown in the mix getting on here has been a little more difficult. For that reason I am a little behind on blogging this, but wanted to be sure to get it put on here for anyone that may not be active on our Facebook page to have seen it!

We have started a fun challenge to get some new crocheters up and going, seasoned crocheters sharing their skills, those who have taken time off back in the game and busting out some of our stash (that we may not have even remembered we have). This challenge is a Granny Square challenge.

Every couple of weeks I am introducing a new square pattern. I will let you know when I do how many of that pattern we will need. The final project will be a fun granny square pattern full of assorted squares. Participants have chosen and shared their colours, and we’re currently on Square # 1 – the Solid Granny Square:



This is a fairly standard pattern in the repertoire of those who work granny squares regularly. It is super versatile – looking great when worked as one solid colour, or while mixing in a fun blend of different colours to create some different designs. Mine above show a couple different ways you can use colour to add to the fun!

The pattern itself can be found all over the internet – but I have chosen to share the one found on the A Creative Being blog HERE due to its simplicity. I also shared a great video tutorial by Mikey from The Crochet Crowd which can be found HERE for those that prefer that visual presentation.

If you haven’t already joined in on our challenge it’s not too late! We have only just started the first of our squares, the second to be released Wednesday, April 23rd (delayed slightly due to the holiday weekend). Come on over to our Facebook Event HERE and start sharing your squares! There will also be various prizes being announced as we go! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!!


Author: brittmk

28 year old wife, pet lover, crochet addict, musician, Christian and Ovarian Cancer Survivor

3 thoughts on “Granny Square Challenge – Square #1 – Solid Granny Square

  1. This sounds like fun! I’m just getting back into crochet so could be just right for me. But I’m not on Facebook, so will the patterns be available here on your blog?? Thanks.

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