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Its almost March which means almost St Patrick’s Day! I am totally one of THOSE people – The ones that get all excited to pull out everything green to dress up and celebrate as if its the biggest day of the year. To some degree I can justify with the fact that I DO genuinely have Irish blood in my family tree… that counts for something right? Hahaha

So the first of atleast a couple St Patrick’s Day themed blogs, my lucky clover bookmark:



I was taking part in a little swap with a group on Ravelry and among the things listed to be included in our swap projects was ‘green treats’. I didn’t want to just do edible treats and so was determined to come up with something small that I could make and include.

What I ended up doing was taking a pattern for a clover applique that I found on Ravelry, you can see it on the Crochet Spot page HERE. I did the pattern word for word except I didn’t make the stem. Instead I swung over to the Daisy Bookmarker pattern on Meldora’s Creations HERE. Working behind the leaves of the clovers I followed the instructions for the tail and tassel to give it the final touch.

I was SUPER happy with the final result so I thought I would share it with everyone here in case you’re looking for a little something to help you get into the St Patrick’s Day spirit 😀 Enjoy!


Author: brittmk

28 year old wife, pet lover, crochet addict, musician, Christian and Ovarian Cancer Survivor

2 thoughts on “Lucky Clover Bookmark

  1. I love crocheted bookmakers. I am an born bookworm and they are nice to have around for little last minute gifts. You picked a really cute one.

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