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One thing I have been blessed to be involved with on Ravelry is a group geared towards swaps. There are a lot of different groups available on there depending on your interests/location/etc and in looking through and trying a few on for size I found one that I am enjoying being a part of! Recently we did a pretty fun swap where we actually worked together with our swap partner in making a project. My partner Carolyn and I ended up creating this beautiful infinity scarf (and a second for her as well).

2014-02-11 19.04.01


We used, but slightly modified a pattern that can be found on the blog Hookers Don’t Bite HERE. The modification came in the fact that we only did one of each pattern, rather than 2 of the ribbed strands. For this reason it is obviously not braided. The colours were chosen following in the ‘friend scarf’ theme – a colour I love and a colour Carolyn loved that went well together. We each completed one piece, mailing our piece off to our partner. We then put that together with a piece completed ourselves for a beautiful finished project. To put them together I simply linked them up when sewing as seen here:

2014-02-11 19.04.32

This would be a fun project to take on for anyone who has good friends or family members who share their love of crochet! Its always fun to create something together! This project is also fairly simple (with a few more challenging stitches, but they are well explained) and would be a great project for a newer crocheter to push themselves a little.

So partner up, pick out your favourite colours and share your finished scarves with us on our Facebook Page HERE. There is still enough cold weather to get some use out of a new scarf before spring shows up according to my local weatherman!



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