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A subject that I think is often overlooked when discussing handmade gifts – laundry care tags. Although you may be able to tell you’re handling a cotton blanket, or know the best care practices for that 100% wool hat you felted, that doesn’t mean that everyone you crochet for will! This small detail is often overlooked, but giving your gift recipient the care instructions to make sure their gift lasts as long as possible will be greatly appreciated!

What I want to do is give you all a reference point to refer back to in order to make your own care tags! Here is an example of a very simple design I like to use for family/friends:


The first thing to know is that this is your chance to include a personal flair, something that reflects back on you. Maybe there’s a favourite quote, or you include your name. Phrases like ‘Made with love by’ or ‘Handmade for you by’ are simple ways of starting this off. Use some colour or designs to dress it up even further.

The next step is the more technical aspect. You first need to know the correct way to care for your specific fiber. Most yarns contain the necessary symbols directly on the ball band, in the same area that they list the gauge suggestions and yarn type. Here is an example of what would be displayed on a ball of Red Heart With Love:



Using the standard laundry symbols (as shown in this example above) add care instructions to your tag. For anyone who may not be familiar with these symbols, here is a great guide created by The Soap and Detergent Association. Click to view it a little larger (to aid in reading).



I hope that this helps! Feel free to post any questions below, as well as to share your unique and special tags if you have created one!


Author: brittmk

28 year old wife, pet lover, crochet addict, musician, Christian and Ovarian Cancer Survivor

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