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Stuffed Unicorn

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A story from my brother about my niece’s desire to sleep at night with a hard plastic toy horse was enough to send me running to my computer in search of a pattern for something cuddly for her nighttime routine. Another story about her belief that her parents can buy her a unicorn at the horse auctions tipped the scale on which pattern would be just perfect, and this adorable little unicorn was the result.



This adorable pattern can be found in the Fiber Doodles Ravelry store HERE. This is a designer I have blogged about previously when I shared the post Pretty Puppy HERE about a stuffed puppy dog that I had made for another one of my nieces. These patterns are fairly quick to work up and pretty simple to follow. Although not for a total beginner, they are a great step for those that are comfortable reading a pattern and wanting to take the next step from the scarves and hats they’ve accomplished thus far!

I am looking forward to trying some more of her patterns, and also looking forward to seeing a picture of my niece loving up on this unicorn! I have since had the report come back that when they leave she even asks her parents if they remembered to put her unicorn in the truck because ‘it makes her happy’ haha!



Author: brittmk

28 year old wife, pet lover, crochet addict, musician, Christian and Ovarian Cancer Survivor

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