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Newborn Turtle Photo Prop

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One of the things I see crocheted and loved upon most often as of late are all the adorable photo props people are now making for newborn photos! There are more patterns than anyone could blink an eye at available; everything from dogs and cats to firemen and pilots! I recently made this adorable turtle hat and shell set.


This was a rather easy pattern to follow, and had a great final result! I purchased this pattern from Tanyas Tangles. You can find it in her Ravelry store HERE. Also check out her Etsy store HERE or follow along on her Facebook page HERE for more updates and new patterns!

Newborn photo props are pretty quick to make, and make a great baby shower gift for the expecting mom in your life! I hope that you have as much fun with this pattern as I did!


Author: brittmk

28 year old wife, pet lover, crochet addict, musician, Christian and Ovarian Cancer Survivor

One thought on “Newborn Turtle Photo Prop

  1. This is so cute! I love it – and it’s a great idea for gifts too!

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