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Delicate Baby Girl Baby Blanket


One thing that is constant at my age (late 20s) is the amount of friends and family getting pregnant and starting families… I feel like I am constantly on the search for new patterns for baby blankets! Its a tradition I started, a baby blanket for the baby shower of each family member and close friend that is expecting, but sometimes its not an easy tradition to keep up with! 

One of these showers happens to be later this month, and last night I just finished the baby blanket ready to be wrapped up to accompany for the road trip north. 



This blanket was actually a very simple pattern, no tricks or difficult stitches tied in, just time conducive, so it would be great for someone that is maybe looking to branch out a little and try a baby blanket for the first time! The pattern can be found on the Red Heart website HERE!

Happy Hooking! 


Author: brittmk

28 year old wife, pet lover, crochet addict, musician, Christian and Ovarian Cancer Survivor

6 thoughts on “Delicate Baby Girl Baby Blanket

  1. I love this! Would you mind telling me what kind of yarn you used? It seems much tighter than the one in the pattern. Thanks!!!

  2. Also, did you add a ruffle around the edge?

  3. I really like this pattern and tried going to the Red Heart site on several occasions. I could not find the pattern there. I looked under baby or child blanket in crochet. Is it under something else?

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