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One thing I always love as fall comes around the corner is the obvious excuse to break out the crochet hook and my favourite yarn for hats, scarves and other cold weather gear! Last year I decided to use this for a few Christmas gifts as well which were a pretty big hit. I also decided to try my hand last  year at cabling with crochet, which was a new territory to me, but LOVED the result of a couple cabled scarves I had done – I will definitely be  breaking that out again this year!

As I sit here on Thanksgiving weekend with a hot tea in hand and the cool temperatures just outside that front door I thought I’d share some favourite cold weather gear patterns to get us all in the mood!


This is a Garn Studio Drops Design pattern that I decided to give a try. The woman I made it for loved pink and purple yarns so going with a Mixed Berries Homespun seemed like the perfect choice! The pattern is available for free HERE

Moving onto the Cabling that I discussed, I have a free pattern for a cabled hat as well as some cable scarf patterns I highly recommend that any lovers of cabling look at purchasing!


The hat pictured with the blue set is available for free HERE
It’s definitely not a beginner pattern, but for those crocheters either that already know they love cabling, or willing to step out of their comfort zone for a fun challenge I highly recommend giving it a try!

The scarves are a set pattern called the Canyon River Cable Scarves available HERE on the Crochet Garden website. Its hard sometimes to photograph these scarves and get the cabling patterns to show properly  but they are GORGEOUS! The two I have tried so far are the Edgewater Scarf in navy and the Windswept Scarf in red.

I ADORE the Windswept Scarf pattern so much I think I might just  have to pick out some yarn and make one for myself this year!

Any other cabling fans out there? Feel free to email me photos of your favourite projects to share at lovinglyhooked@yahoo.ca!

Happy Hooking!


Author: brittmk

28 year old wife, pet lover, crochet addict, musician, Christian and Ovarian Cancer Survivor

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